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Born in the North of England, contemporary artist Elizabeth Orchard currently works between the UK and Florence, Italy.

With a background in fashion and design, Elizabeth possesses an intuitive understanding of colour, texture and form. Her paintings evolve organically through a process of thoughtful experimentation. Working in acrylic and oil, she interweaves layers of pigment to produce deep, dynamic canvases that engage the imagination!

Elizabeth is fascinated with the intersection of the individual and their material space. When creating commissioned works, she pays careful attention to the home of her client, to furnishings, finishes and textiles in particular.

Elizabeth’s love for textiles is expressed in her hand-painted silk scarves, one-of-a-kind pieces suitable for the beach or the ballet.

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“Elizabeth’s wonderful paintings stimulate the senses in so many ways through her use of colour and texture. Her canvases literally bounce with vibrant positivity or soothe the spirit with more meditative studies. It is her unique juxtaposition of colour that provides this visual “Feng-Shui for the Soul”

Angie Greenhalgh

“Elizabeth’s paintings invite the viewer to personally identify with her work. The texture and conceptual nature of her canvas inspires the viewer to decide for ourselves what we are enjoying. Her work is stimulating yet contemplative, distinctive yet universal.”

Nancy Galdy

“Elizabeth’s work in various media is always interesting. Each time I look at the beautiful canvass that she has created for us at our hotel, my response is one of immense pleasure. The colours shimmer with light in a composition that is harmonious, balanced and extraordinarily fluid whilst the total effect of this abstract work is both beguiling and beautiful.”

Maggie Justice –

“Thank you for making the journey to enlighten and inspire young minds with you Art. You have left an indelible mark as you taught us about “Luck, Timing and Application”. With “Luck” I hope to have the good fortune of being in your company again one day.”

Sydney Caretti – Mercersburg Academy

“Spent the morning in Bellosguardo shooting my wonderfully talented friend, Elizabeth Orchard, in her studio. Her beautiful artworks adorn not only walls, but shoulders as well. She hand selects her silk from the best producers in China. The silks are then cut and finished in Firenze, where she then paints each scarf in her studio at her home in the hills on Florence. Each one is a moment in time, each an expression of color, sentiment, and mood. Elizabeth enjoys painting on canvas, but the silk has such a mind of its own, so her visions require more focus & control, and she revels in the challenge the silk brings. I enjoyed so very much learning about her creative process and her story this week.”

VIAJIYU – brings the most wonderful women together. #trailblazers

“On Tuesday we went to Castel Gabbiano not far from Florence, to see ‘Lost Worlds’ an exhibition of paintings by Elizabeth Orchard. I have long admired Elizabeth’s work, which also includes beautiful, diaphanous and individually designed hand painted scarves, curtains, cushions and even chair coverings. Here however, the eye is instantly drawn to her striking paintings hung in the reception rooms of the castle. Both abstract and impressionistic, these dreamlike images seem to seep into the imagination, leaving one to interpret or not, as one chooses: a city on a hill, a rain washed landscape, fields under a rainbow, ships at sea and a port, another with blocks of colour, brings to mind Klee’s North African series, or is it a fast train taking us on a journey through space and time? A couple of the small ‘blue series’ are remarkable in their imagery, constantly shifting and changing in spite of the harmonisation and unity of colour. All of these luminous and shimmering works, that float in the mind’s eye long afterwards, can be seen until the end of October. Go, before they are all sold.”

Maggie Oliphant MA

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