Elizabeth Orchard – Interview by Nardia Plumridge

Interview by Nardia Plumridge

It may seem fitting that Elizabeth Orchard lives between the UK and Italy, since this British artist infuses a Euro-chic elegance, yet remains a quintessential English rose.

She is known in the decorating world for her large, contemporary paintings, which lightly blend harmonious colours and work incredibly well in large scale and contemporary settings.

With commission, Elizabeth takes a personal approach, working closely with clients to ensure they have the perfect piece for their home, one to complement the personality and colour of their living space.

Her popular style has won her fans and clients all around the world and now Elizabeth is turning her painting talents into the world of fashion, launching a line of hand painted silk scarves. The inspiration for this new venture came when a client commissioned her to interpret her wedding sarong onto canvas. The piece was well received and had Elizabeth thinking, “let’s paint on silk!”

The result is the collection San Carlo, a colourful mix of silk scarves all individually painted by Elizabeth, making each one-of-a-kind. Available in various lengths, they can be worn in a number of styles making them versatile as well as fashion forward. Originally only available to purchase directly, these unique accessories are now available on Etsy.

Her studio is buzzing with creativity as Elizabeth works on her next collection of designs for both her canvas art and scarves. Yet I sat down with her recently to understand what really inspires her in life.

Eleven things Elizabeth Orchard can’t live without:

1. Jewellery – “Pearls make me feel so glamorous and I love my Jensen pieces.”
2. Interiors – “Cushions from French company Caravane, which I buy from their store in Marylebone, London. I change them with the seasons.”
3. Outdoors – “I love driving, or better still, being driven through open countryside. One of the joys of living in Tuscany is the natural beauty on my doorstep.”
4. Garden – “I adore my blue and white garden in Italy, which looks so lovely in the early evening. And my double swing, which takes me back to my childhood days.”
5. Antique linens – “I entertain a lot and just love to set my table with linens, preferably Antique Irish linen from my friends at McBurney & Black also on Etsy, garden flowers, and matching glassware and cutlery. What’s always in my fridge? Champagne and cheesecake.”
6. Herbal tea – “Freshly picked garden mint infused in my English silver teapot is a favourite morning ritual.”
7. Food – “When I’m on the Isle of Man fish is plentiful and oh so good. Otherwise La Menagere in Florence with its distressed walls, in-house florist and French cuisine, it’s the funkiest place in town.”
8. Hair – “I couldn’t live without my very regular visits to Claudio at ‘Renato’ on via San Gallo, Florence. Watching him mix hair colour on his artist’s palette makes the whole visit feel so opulent.”
9. Shoes – “In Florence flats are best but I do so love heels!”
10. Music – “Summer country house opera in England, or at the new opera house in Florence are both perfect for a music night out.”
11. Cocktails – “Bulgari hotel in Knightsbridge, London, is so subtle, so discreet, with plush interiors and beautiful people.”

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