by V E W.

On a beautiful Tuscan summer afternoon, I had the pleasure of visiting with the very talented artist, Elizabeth Orchard. With a clientele that spans the world, I thought her fans might be interested in the many little details that make up Elizabeth…the person. Here’s a glimpse:


  1. Birth sign – Taurus: loyal, strong willed, sensual, ambitious, artistic
  2. Favorite color – yellow
  3. Wine preference – White (French)
  4. Favorite cocktail – Very dry martini
  5. Oysters or calamari? Oysters
  6. Beef or chicken? Beef
  7. Family treasure – my English mother’s silver tea pot that I use often
  8. Favorite season – Autumn
  9. Favorite month – May
  10. City or countryside – countryside with my flower and herb garden
  11. Dining out or entertaining? Cooking and entertaining at home in my garden
  12. Wardrobe favorite – black tailored jacket
  13. Won’t find in my wardrobe – track suits
  14. Favorite outing? Going to the Opera in different countries with my love
  15. Craziest feat – recently ‘Wing Walked” on a bi-plane
  16. Music choice – jazz
  17. Prefer to drive or fly – drive, especially as a passenger
  18. Favorite time of day – mornings in Florence, cocktail time in the UK
  19. For exercise, a gym or nature – definitely nature walks
  20. For relaxation – sitting in my garden with a pot of fresh mint tea, enjoying the peace and beauty of my surroundings.
  21. People can’t believe……. That I don’t own a TV
  22. Favorite object – antique Japanese lacquered sewing box and my Tibetan gong.
  23. Favorite city – Paris
  24. Most memorable holiday – Istanbul 30 years ago
  25. Most challenging “to-do” on your bucket list? _________