Locals I Love: Elizabeth Orchard

An interview by Georgette Jupe

“Art is not a thing, it is a way.” ~Elbert Hubbard.

I would imagine hope that my latest interviewee agrees with the above statement. It’s how I imagine the life of those who create art, maybe it’s a word best described as a verb rather than a noun. Elizabeth Orchard is one of those people who’s voice instantly catches your attention. The last time I saw her, she served mint tea in classic tea cups, or Franciacorta (because bubbles are always a good idea) with the ease of an expert host. I was so entranced, listening to Elizabeth’s stories always manage to light up the room along with her beautiful, expressive art. She’s lived quite an incredible life and has such a positive attitude that motivates oneself to do the same. She had to be a local’s I Love.

Her elegant and witty repertoire is of a Yorkshire descent, and currently she lives half in the UK and half in Florence. Elizabeth made a name for herself by designing decorative gesso-moldings for International hotels and now has moved on to a more contemporary-creative passion of transmitting her artistic eye to canvases — and beautiful, flowing silk scarves. I happen to own two of those scarves myself, and brought one to our honeymoon in Thailand — the perfect summer scarf to add a pop of color to my otherwise mundane traveler’s wardrobe. For that I will be forever thankful!

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