British art at a Tuscan castle

The magical Castello di Gabbiano, founded in 1124, provides a matchless setting for British artist Elizabeth Orchard’s canvas and silks exhibition, titled “Lost Worlds”, on until October 31 (by appointment only). The diaphanous hand-painted drapes stir at the castle’s windows and pure Tuscan light steals over the pensive paintings.

Elizabeth Orchard…the person – Q&A

by V E W.

On a beautiful Tuscan summer afternoon, I had the pleasure of visiting with the very talented artist, Elizabeth Orchard. With a clientele that spans the world, I thought her fans might be interested in the many little details that make up Elizabeth…the person. Here’s a glimpse:


  1. Birth sign – Taurus: loyal, strong willed, sensual, ambitious, artistic
  2. Favorite color – yellow
  3. Wine preference – White (French)
  4. Favorite cocktail – Very dry martini
  5. Oysters or calamari? Oysters
  6. Beef or chicken? Beef
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Florence is You: “Elizabeth Orchard | Textile Artist”

By Valencia Wolf

Country life and family are both the inspiration and deepest pleasure of the British born textile artist, Elizabeth Orchard. She was a curious and creative child who grew up in the countryside of northern England and found nature to be her best friend.

From an early age, drawing and painting have always been her most expressive creative outlet. After a life-changing experience almost 20 years ago, she joined her youngest daughter who was studying in Florence and fell in love with the beauty of the city and countryside. Anxious to capture this new experience, she began to paint and soon her oil and acrylic canvases were drawing attention. Gallery showings evolved, architects and interior decorators came calling and private commissioned pieces became elaborate collaborations. Always mixing the pigments by hand and applying with both a knife and brush, Elizabeth’s contemporary paintings have captured fans world wide and earned her a reputable spot in the art world. About ten years ago, a friend brought Elizabeth a hand-painted sarong she wore as her wedding dress and asked if she would create a canvas painting of the sarong for their home as a memorial. The beautiful sarong inspired Elizabeth to try her creative talents hand-painting on silk.

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De Toscaanse lente van Elizabeth Orchard

Net even ten zuiden van Florence, in het groen dat de stad omringt, prijkt het prachtig gerestaureerde koetshuis van Elizabeth Orchard. Deze half Nederlandse, half Britse kunstenares vrolijkt zowel je huis als je outfit op, met haar kleurrijke ontwerpen op met Toscaanse lente- en zomersferen. Nardia Plumridge van Lost in Florence ging op bezoek bij Elizabeth en geeft je een kijkje in haar atelier.

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Lost in Florence Interview – “MY NINE: ELIZABETH ORCHARD”

Picture credit: Dorin Vasilescu

Known in the art world for her reflective and abstract paintings, Elizabeth Orchard’s canvasses blend harmonious colours that work well on a large scale and in a contemporary setting. Her particular technique, always using a knife to work the paints, both in oil and acrylic, has won commissions all around the world to collectors attracted to her flowing style capturing the beauty of nature and the essence of the changing seasons, often inspired by her adopted home of Italy.

Of Anglo-Dutch descent, Elizabeth lives between Florence, in an old yet revamped coach house on the grounds of a grand villa on the leafy outskirts of the city’s southern border, and her home on the Isle of Man in the United Kingdom. With an early career in fashion, Elizabeth went on to create a successful business designing gesso-moldings based on centuries-old European styles working for many of the world’s top international hotels and for private clients. Yet, today, it is seems creative life has come full circle as a foray back into fashion is now on Elizabeth’s cards, bringing her artistic talent onto silk, creating individual, hand-painted scarves.

Not the normal canvas for most artists, Elizabeth began to create one-off silk scarves after being inspired by a client who was married in a hand-painted sarong and then commissioned Elizabeth to interpreted its design onto a canvas as a wedding momento… and she was immediately inspired, deciding to work on silk, as well as on canvas, treating each scarf as an individual piece of art using painting techniques to create one-of-a-kind pieces for fashion savvy women. Designs are inspired by nature and the colours plus textures of bark, water, stone, and flowers, and the architecture of the cities which surround her Italian home including the Renaissance capital, a city Elizabeth feels she has found her artisan calling.

Her Tuscan home is also her studio; a large coach house on the grounds of a historic palazzo in the countryside just south of Florence, where, especially in spring, she loves to paint outside surrounded by the the smells of the newly blossomed herb and rose garden, while Mozart plays in the background. A serene space within she says, “I couldn’t be happier or more content”. Elizabeth considers each scarf a piece of art to wear all year round and ideal for travelling; they are light, easy to pack yet remain versatile and can dress up an outfit in seconds, or as Elizabeth puts it, “be worn on the beach or at the ballet”, transforming the simplest outfit with its statement design. So what venues does this fashionable artisan frequent when in Florence? Find out, as Elizabeth shares her NINE below…

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Locals I Love: Elizabeth Orchard

An interview by Georgette Jupe

“Art is not a thing, it is a way.” ~Elbert Hubbard.

I would imagine hope that my latest interviewee agrees with the above statement. It’s how I imagine the life of those who create art, maybe it’s a word best described as a verb rather than a noun. Elizabeth Orchard is one of those people who’s voice instantly catches your attention. The last time I saw her, she served mint tea in classic tea cups, or Franciacorta (because bubbles are always a good idea) with the ease of an expert host. I was so entranced, listening to Elizabeth’s stories always manage to light up the room along with her beautiful, expressive art. She’s lived quite an incredible life and has such a positive attitude that motivates oneself to do the same. She had to be a local’s I Love.

Her elegant and witty repertoire is of a Yorkshire descent, and currently she lives half in the UK and half in Florence. Elizabeth made a name for herself by designing decorative gesso-moldings for International hotels and now has moved on to a more contemporary-creative passion of transmitting her artistic eye to canvases — and beautiful, flowing silk scarves. I happen to own two of those scarves myself, and brought one to our honeymoon in Thailand — the perfect summer scarf to add a pop of color to my otherwise mundane traveler’s wardrobe. For that I will be forever thankful!

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Elizabeth Orchard – Interview by Nardia Plumridge

Interview by Nardia Plumridge

It may seem fitting that Elizabeth Orchard lives between the UK and Italy, since this British artist infuses a Euro-chic elegance, yet remains a quintessential English rose.

She is known in the decorating world for her large, contemporary paintings, which lightly blend harmonious colours and work incredibly well in large scale and contemporary settings.

With commission, Elizabeth takes a personal approach, working closely with clients to ensure they have the perfect piece for their home, one to complement the personality and colour of their living space.

Her popular style has won her fans and clients all around the world and now Elizabeth is turning her painting talents into the world of fashion, launching a line of hand painted silk scarves. The inspiration for this new venture came when a client commissioned her to interpret her wedding sarong onto canvas. The piece was well received and had Elizabeth thinking, “let’s paint on silk!”

The result is the collection San Carlo, a colourful mix of silk scarves all individually painted by Elizabeth, making each one-of-a-kind. Available in various lengths, they can be worn in a number of styles making them versatile as well as fashion forward. Originally only available to purchase directly, these unique accessories are now available on Etsy.

Her studio is buzzing with creativity as Elizabeth works on her next collection of designs for both her canvas art and scarves. Yet I sat down with her recently to understand what really inspires her in life.

Eleven things Elizabeth Orchard can’t live without:

1. Jewellery – “Pearls make me feel so glamorous and I love my Jensen pieces.”
2. Interiors – “Cushions from French company Caravane, which I buy from their store in Marylebone, London. I change them with the seasons.”
3. Outdoors – “I love driving, or better still, being driven through open countryside. One of the joys of living in Tuscany is the natural beauty on my doorstep.”
4. Garden – “I adore my blue and white garden in Italy, which looks so lovely in the early evening. And my double swing, which takes me back to my childhood days.”
5. Antique linens – “I entertain a lot and just love to set my table with linens, preferably Antique Irish linen from my friends at McBurney & Black also on Etsy, garden flowers, and matching glassware and cutlery. What’s always in my fridge? Champagne and cheesecake.”
6. Herbal tea – “Freshly picked garden mint infused in my English silver teapot is a favourite morning ritual.”
7. Food – “When I’m on the Isle of Man fish is plentiful and oh so good. Otherwise La Menagere in Florence with its distressed walls, in-house florist and French cuisine, it’s the funkiest place in town.”
8. Hair – “I couldn’t live without my very regular visits to Claudio at ‘Renato’ on via San Gallo, Florence. Watching him mix hair colour on his artist’s palette makes the whole visit feel so opulent.”
9. Shoes – “In Florence flats are best but I do so love heels!”
10. Music – “Summer country house opera in England, or at the new opera house in Florence are both perfect for a music night out.”
11. Cocktails – “Bulgari hotel in Knightsbridge, London, is so subtle, so discreet, with plush interiors and beautiful people.”

“Art Exhibit by Elizabeth Orchard” on display -Niche Gallery, Burgin Center for the Arts | Mercersburg, PA, USA

mercersburg academy


Opening Tea Reception for the “Art Exhibit for Elizabeth Orchard”

Niche Gallery, Burgin Center for the Arts
Mercersburg, PA, USA

3/22/2015 – 3/23/2015

“Art Exhibit by Elizabeth Orchard” on display

Niche Gallery, Burgin Center for the Arts
Mercersburg, PA, USA