Elizabeth’s scarves provide a unique opportunity to have the most beautiful and original silk scarf hand painted especially for you by the artist Elizabeth Orchard. All her scarves are eye-catching and you can be sure that there is only ever one of any design. Elizabeth is protective of her client list.

Elizabeth treats each scarf as an individual art work and just like her paintings on canvas which sell internationally they reflect many layers of inspiration in terms of colour and subject matter.

Her current collection has diverse themes ranging from natural forms such as bark, water, stone, animal prints and flowers, to various architectural elements of Florence and Dubai. Some are just quirky “fun” illustrations of everyday objects. Elizabeth also paints to commission for special occasions and such scarves can be themed and coloured accordingly.

Ideal for travelling light- easy to pack, the same elegant scarf can be worn on the Beach or at the Ballet. It can be worn in numerous ways- totally original- transforming even the most simple outfit with its design statement.


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